What is Glee?

Glee is a show choir for children ages 5 and up that love to sing, dance and perform! We rehearse once a week and have performances at events all over town throughout the school year. We also make music videos, record, and work with professional musicians! It’s a great opportunity for anyone that likes to perform! 

Who can join?

This year we will have two groups! One group for anyone that just loves to sing and dance, and an auditioned group for performers ready to go to the next level! Come to our first few class in September and auditions will take place throughout the month. If you don’t want to audition no problem, just register for Glee and you will be added to our group!

How do I audition?

If you would like to audition simply send us and email or sign up during rehearsals in September. You will be contacted on when your audition will be. We will be working on songs and how to audition during rehearsals starting September 10th. The auditioned group will be finalized by October 2018. The auditioned group is for ages 9 and up.

How long does Glee last?  

We have two semesters. One from September through January and another From february through June. Each semester has its own special songs, performances and events. We also have summer camps in June and August each year, then a new season starts again in September,

How much does it cost?

We charge by the semester and the cost is $300. We break that payment into 2 payments of $150 each semester. The payments are due the 1st of September, November, January and March. The auditioned group costs a bit more and is $350 per semester with two payments of $175. The extra costs help to cover musicians, equipment, studio time, and other expenses.

Payment plans can be arranged to help, don’t hesitate to ask. 

When can I join? 

Open enrollment for Glee Club is in September, and again in January. The auditioned group auditions just once in September and they remain the same group throughout the school year.

Where do we meet? 

We meet at High Tech Elementary Chula Vista. 1949 Discovery Falls Dr every Monday from 5 to 6. The advanced group meets from 5:30 to 7. Our room is the first one on your right when you walk in the building. You can't miss it.

Our San Diego group will be back January 2019, stay tuned for more details to come. 
Where and When
​Chula Vista
​Every Monday
1949 Discovery Falls Dr., Chula Vista, CA 91915
Open Group: 5pm-6pm
Auditioned Group: 5:30pm-7pm
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